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The Granny Gratitude Blanket

A mindfulness blanket to destress and create something beautiful

An attitude of gratitude + a love for crochet

Practicing gratitude has a multitude of positive effects on both mental and physical well-being. By cultivating a habit of acknowledging and appreciating the positive aspects of your life, you can often experience a heightened sense of happiness and life satisfaction.

Regular gratitude practice has been linked to reduced stress levels, improved sleep quality, and enhanced emotional resilience. Moreover, expressing gratitude fosters stronger interpersonal relationships as it promotes empathy, kindness, and a deeper connection with your loved ones and even strangers. It shifts focus from what may be lacking to what is present, fostering a positive mindset that can contribute to better mental health.

Overall, incorporating gratitude into daily life acts as a powerful tool for promoting holistic well-being and fostering a more optimistic outlook on life.

What happens when you mix gratitude with crochet? A gratitude blanket. You've heard of the temperature blanket, well think of it like a long term project like a temp blanket. Each day pick up your Gratitude blanket, make a few stitches or rows while thinking about what you're grateful for.

Crochet is a known stress reducer and practicing gratitude elevates your mood so enter the ultimate dopamine project!

Here are a few tips for getting your mind set to practice gratitude, staying present, and enjoying every little stitch:

  1. Mindful Breathing: Begin your crochet session with a few moments of focused, deep breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly, allowing yourself to center and be present in the current moment. This mindful breathing can serve as an anchor, helping you stay connected to your crochet work and fostering an attitude of gratitude.

  2. Sensory Awareness: Engage your senses in the process of crocheting. Pay attention to the texture of the yarn, the rhythmic movement of your hands, and the subtle sounds of the yarn passing through your fingers. By immersing yourself in these sensory experiences, you enhance your ability to stay present and appreciate the details of the creative process.

  3. Gratitude Affirmations: Incorporate gratitude affirmations into your crochet time. As you work on each stitch, silently express gratitude for the positive aspects of your life. This intentional focus on gratitude can enhance the overall experience and infuse your crafting time with a positive and appreciative mindset.

  4. Create a Dedicated Space: Designate a specific and comfortable space for your crochet practice. Eliminate distractions and create an environment conducive to mindfulness. Whether it's a cozy corner or a well-lit room, having a dedicated space can help you fully engage in the present moment while expressing gratitude through your craft.

  5. Set Intentions: Before starting your crochet project, set a positive intention for the session. It could be gratitude-related, such as appreciating the creative outlet or expressing thanks for the recipient of your handmade item. By consciously setting an intention, you bring purpose to your crochet time and encourage a mindful and grateful mindset throughout the process.

Okay, are you ready to get started? Great, let's go!



  • 5.5 mm crochet hook “I”

  • Scissors

  • Yarn Needle

  • Medium (4) worsted weight yarn

  • 2,500 yards

Print Friendly Pattern

want a printable copy of the pattern? Grab one here:

More about the yarn:

The yarn I used in my blanket is from Hobby Lobby in this gorgeous color palette.

I know this blanket requires a lot of yarn but the good news is due to all the color changes you don't have to worry so much about dye lots and can just pick up a few skeins at a time.

No Hobby Lobby, no problem here are some fabulous yarn alternatives.

This yarn is from Joann's and is often on sale for a great price.

This yarn is from Joann's, Michael's or online and is often on sale for a great price.

Lastly, for my UK friends, here is a great opton from Hobbii



Ch (chain)

Dc (double crochet)

3Dc (3 double crochets in the same space)

2Dc (2 double crochets in the same space)

St(s) (stitch(es))

Sp (space)

Sc (single crochet)

Sk (skip)

HDC (half double crochet)


Written in US crochet Terms

Skill level is beginner

Finished Blanket is approximately 53 x 57 inches

Width can be added to make the blanket larger (or smaller) by using  multiples of 3 + 1

Ch 3 counts as a stitch

  • Change colors after every row in the following order:

  • Linen

  • Cherry Blossom

  • Linen

  • Spa

  • Linen

  • Light Taupe

  • Linen

  • Blue Spruce

Special Stitch

The Camel Stitch, also known as half double crochet in the third loop, is a crochet stitch that repeats over two rows when worked in rows and over one row when worked in the round. 

This technique involves working the stitch into the 3rd loop, also referred to as the back bar, of the half double crochet stitch.

By working into the 3rd loop, both the front and back upper loops pop out, resulting in a distinctive braided-like texture in your crochet project.

Opting for working in the round method of the Camel stitch proves to be simpler than the row method. When crocheting in the round, you consistently face the same side of your project, which is what is done for this blanket.

Video Tutorial

Gauge/Practice Swatch

If you'd like more of a breakdown on the Granny Stitch, check out this video first.

Finished swatch should measure 4.5in x 4.5in

  1. Ch 16, Dc in the 4th ch from the hook.  (sk 2, 3dc) repeat until 3 ch remain.  2dc in the last ch.

  2. Ch 3, turn.  3 dc in sp from previous row.  Place 3dc in each sp from the row below.  Dc in between the last st and the turn chain from the previous row. (four 3dc clusters, two dc)

  3. Ch 3, turn.  Dc in sp directly below ch 3.  3dc in each sp from row below.  2dc in between the last st and the turn ch from the previous row. (three 3dc clusters, two 2dc clusters.

      4-9.  Repeat rows 2 and 3.

Granny Gratitude Blanket

Remember you can adjust the size by using multiples of 3 + 1.

1.Ch 145 (144 + 1), Dc in the 4th ch from the hook. (sk 2, 3dc) repeat until 3 ch remain. Sk 2, 2dc in the last ch. (46 “3dc” clusters, 2 “2dc” clusters)

  • Change colors after each row (see notes above)

2. Ch 3, turn. Sk 2dc cluster,  3dc in sp between the clusters. Place 3dc in each sp across. Dc in between the last st and the turn chain from the previous row. (47 “3dc” clusters, two “dc”)

3.  Ch 3, turn. Dc in sp directly below ch 3. 3dc in each sp from row below. 2dc in between the last st and the turn ch from the previous row. (46 “3dc” clusters, 2 “2dc” clusters)

 4-99. Repeat rows 2 and 3.

The Border

1.  Ch 1. Sc evenly down the side of the blanket/rough edges.  

  • About 2 sc per row

SC 3 times in the corner. SC evenly across the bottom. SC 3 times in the corner. SC evenly up the side. SC 3 times in the corner. Sc in each st across the top. Place 2 sc in the last corner and sl to join to 1st sc.  

2.  Ch 2 (does not count as st here or throughout). Hdc in corner sp. Hdc in each st across to the next corner, the middle st of the 3 sc in the corner. (hdc, ch 2, hdc in corner st. Hdc in each st to next corner) 3 times. Hdc in first corner sp, ch 2, join in top of first hdc with ss.

3.  Ch 2, hdc in corner sp. Hdc in 3rd loop of each st across to next corner. (hdc, ch2, hdc in corner sp. Hdc in 3rd loop of each st to next corner sp) 3 times. Hdc in first corner sp, ch2, join in top of first hdc with ss.

 4.  Repeat rnd 3. F/o and weave in all the ends.

Thank you for being here and making this blanket!

In the culmination of crocheting the gratitude blanket, it becomes evident that this long-term, relaxing, and fun project transcends the creation of a mere textile piece. The rhythmic interplay of yarn and hook not only results in a tangible, comforting blanket but also serves as a conduit for mindfulness and gratitude.

The act of crocheting becomes a meditative practice, a journey where each stitch is a step towards a more present and appreciative mindset. As the blanket takes shape, so does an intricate tapestry of moments, emotions, and gratitude expressed through the careful interweaving of threads.

This project, stretching across time, becomes a testament to the therapeutic power of creativity and mindfulness, providing a respite from the hustle of daily life. In each loop and knot, there lies a story of patience, reflection, and the joy found in the simple act of creation. The meaning of crochet extends beyond the physical manifestation of a blanket; it embodies a transformative process, where relaxation and fun converge with a profound sense of gratitude, resulting in a cherished piece that not only warms the body but also the soul.

Thank a lot friends, don't forget to share your WIPs and finished blankets with me on the gram @butfirstcrochet

Happy crocheting,


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