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About Me

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Hello Yarn Friend,

Meet Jess, a yarn obsessed mom of 4 (yes, she has triplets plus their big brother), wife, healthcare worker, and coffee junkie.  When she's not doing newborn hearing screenings,  heating up chicken nuggets, or sipping a venti vanilla sweet cream cold brew,  you can find her snuggled on the couch with her cavapoo pup, crochet hook, and lots and lots of yarn.

As a self taught pre- Youtube era crocheter she decided to turn her passion into a purpose by starting “But First, Crochet.   “But First, Crochet” is a hub for beginners to learn  how to crochet the “easy way” and for all crocheters with a love for modern-vintage. 


Jess loves encouraging other creatives to unwind with yarn and hone in on their skills through crochet classes, youtube tutorials, and digital patterns.  She also enjoys crocheting and designing for the NICU.  As a mom of 3 preemies, the NICU holds a special place in her heart, Jess has made over 500 and counting crocheted octopuses for preemies to help comfort them during their NICU journey.   So, grab your coffee and come crochet with Jess!

Things I Do

Crochet Classes

Find my classes on Skillshare whether you are a complete newbie or experienced crocheter you'll find something new and exciting in class.

Crochet Patterns

I enjoy designing and crocheting for preemies and children primarily but every now and then there is something for everyone.

Vintage Crochet

I'm obsessed with finding vintage patterns in bookstores, antique shops, and online.  I love to recreate and modernize patterns from the past,  bringing them into the present in both their original and modernized form.

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