Hey Friend!

I'm Jessica and I'm a crochet addict, healthcare professional, wife, and mom of 4 adorable kiddos.  Fun fact about me, I have triplets!

That's a lot of things right?  Crochet entered my life as a tremendous stress reliever.  I dabbled in crochet on and off since my teen years but it got serious in 2017 when I opened my Etsy shop, "But First, Crochet",  and began creating my own patterns and making gifts for premature babies in the NICU.

Fast forward to 2020 when I was furloughed and unexpectedly lost my father...I turned my grief into purpose.  I decided to use my love for crochet as therapy and designed The Payton Doll.  She was a true passion project and a special way for me to remember my dad every day. I'm so filled with joy watching my girls play with their dolls and know that my sweet dad is watching over all of his "dolls" from above.

If you've read this far thanks for listening to my story and I'm so excited to teach you how to crochet and I'm going to make it easy!  You'll feel empowered, accomplished, and have the satisfaction of gifting heirloom quality toys to your daughters and granddaughters.  


Grab your coffee and come hook with me!


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