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Absolute Beginner Crochet: BOHO Coaster

New to crochet? This project will have you hooked, pun intended!

The BOHO coaster is the project from my crochet class "Modern Crochet for Beginners". Thousands of students have successfully taken this class and made their very first crocheted finished piece, the BOHO coaster. If you're looking for an even deeper dive into the basics of crochet I highly recommend taking this on-demand and online class. Here is what some of my students have said:

This class exceeded my expectations! Loved this class! My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was young (a long time ago!) and this easy-to-follow class helped me regain my skills. I especially liked that there was a project, which left me with a feeling of accomplishment :-) Thank you! Now I want more. -Lisa L.
This was a wonderful class that exceeded my expectations. I came out of the class with 2 coasters I am proud to use in my home!! I had failed prior to this, and it felt great to finally succeed, give this class a chance and you won't regret it.-Lynn C.

As your dedicated crochet teacher, my mission is to demystify the world of yarn and hooks, making crochet as simple as sharing stories with a dear friend. Having been through the twists and turns of my own crochet adventure, I'm here to spill the beans on the tips and tricks I wish I knew right from the start. No more headaches or frogging mishaps – I've got your back!

Interested in the full class? Check it out here:

Modern Crochet for Beginners: BOHO Coaster

here with the video tutorial to accompany this post.


  • Worsted weight yarn (maybe a color that screams 'you')

  • A 5.0 mm "H" crochet hook (your crafting wand!)

  • Scissors (to snip away any doubts)

  • Yarn/tapestry needle (the unsung hero)

  • A dash of that fabulous attitude you bring to everything!

  • Don't forget the coffee.


  • Ch:  Chain

  • St(s):  Stitch(es)

  • Sc:  Single Crochet

  • F/o:  Finish Off

New to abbreviations? Here is a cheat sheet from the Craft Yarn Council.

Crochet Abbreviations.pdf
Download PDF • 105KB

Boho Coaster:

Start by creating a slip knot. (not sure how to make one? Don't forget the video! HERE)

  1. Ch 17.  Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across. (16)

2. Ch 1, turn.  Sc in each st across. (16)

Now go back and count your stitches. Do you still have 16? If you don't something went wrong. I recommend watching the video to learn how to count and recognize your stitches.

3-15. Repeat row 2. F/o.  

To F/o ch 1 and pull yarn through the loop to secure.  Weave in your ends.

The Fringe:

Cut 6 inch pieces of yarn into groups of 3.  Attach evenly across (about every 2 sts).  See photos below.  Trim the fringe evenly once attached.

You did it!

Bravo, fabulous crocheters! 🌟🧶 You did it! Completing your first project, that beautiful boho coaster, is no small feat, and I couldn't be prouder. Just look at what you've accomplished – turning yarn and a hook into a piece of handmade joy! Remember, this is just the beginning of your crochet journey, and the creativity flowing in your fingertips knows no bounds. Whether you're gifting your coaster, flaunting it proudly, or incorporating it into your home, know that each stitch is a testament to your newfound skills and the beautiful yarn artist within you. So, here's to many more yarn adventures, laughter-filled crochet sessions, and the amazing creations that await. Keep hooking, keep creating, and revel in the magic of being a crocheter. Cheers to you! 🎉🥂

Thank you for allowing me to be your crochet teacher! I'd love to see your finished BOHO coasters! Connect with me on instagram @Butfirstcrochet and tag me to share your finished pieces!

Have questions? DM me on insta, comment below or email me

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Until next time, happy crocheting.

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