How to Finger Knit a Chunky Blanket

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About This Class

Join me in today’s class to learn all about finger knitting by creating a chunky knit blanket with only your hands in only a matter of hours with no previous experience.

We will go over several topics in this class including:

-The best yarn for chunky finger knitting -Chaining -How to finger knit -Attaching a new skein of yarn and -Binding off

You will learn all the skills to complete the class project and in a matter of hours you will be snuggled on the couch with a beautiful blanket made by your very own hands.

Project Description


  • Yarn Bee “Eternal Bliss”: 6 Skeins in “Soft Pink” or other #7 Jumbo Bulky Yarn such as Red Heart “Irresistible”

  • Scissors

  • Your hands


  • Be aware of the size of your loops and try to keep them consistent throughout.

  • Larger chains and loops = bigger stitches and gaps

  • Work on a large surface area such as a bed, floor, or large table.


  • A finished throw will measure approximately 48 inches x 56 inches.

  • To make a larger throw simply add more chains and vice versa for a smaller throw.

I’m so excited to see your finished blankets!

CLICK HERE to get started!

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