Crochet is a Mood: Granny Squares

When you think of crochet you think of the classic granny square. They are easy, use small amounts of yarn, and are so versatile for all different types of projects!

Are you always in a mood? Aren't we all? We can all use a little self care these days and I can't think of a better way than relaxing with yarn and a hook, after all, crochet can be a fun way to express your mood which is exactly what you will do in this class.

But first, let's talk "Granny Squares". We have all seen them, they're what most people immediately think of when crochet comes to mind, and one of the best beginner projects in crochet.

Today's class we are going to make a granny square from start to finish, learn to change colors to add a border, and learn how to join the squares to make virtually anything from a blanket, pillow, scarf, bag...Grannies are so versatile!

Grannies are definitely for beginners and enjoyed by experienced crocheters alike!

You'll need a few materials today including:

  • yarn in multiple colors (worsted weight)

  • hook (5.0mm preferably)

  • scissors

  • yarn needle

  • coffee (optional)

  • positive attitude (mandatory)

Don't forget to download the PDF of the pattern to follow along as you watch the lessons! It can be found in the "Projects & Resources" section.


The class project is the "Crochet is a Mood" Blanket. Download your mood tracker and mood planner in the "Projects & Resources" to design your blanket and corresponding yarn colors to suit the moods you want to express.

You can track your mood of the day and crochet a granny square that matches your mood until eventually you've made a beautiful blanket to help you reflect on how you've been feeling (hopefully positive) and how much better you've gotten at crochet after you've practiced everyday, win/win.

Don't worry you don't have to wait until you've crocheted an entire blanket before sharing your progress. Please share a photo of a finished granny square in the project gallery.


Click below and enroll in class: Work at your own pace on your own time.


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